The 2023 Top Picks for PeoPay Casinos

The Polish financial institution Bank Pekao supports a mobile payment app known as PeoPay. You can use it to send money to other users or make bank transactions to online casinos. You may quickly and securely manage your Bank Pekao account, cards, loans, and savings from your mobile device.

Approximately 2.7 million users are currently making use of the PeoPay app. It provides a reliable and easy-to-use casino deposit option. The PeoPay mobile app is straightforward to download and set up. It’s a free app, so Android and iOS users alike can take advantage of it.


Customers in Poland with a Bank Pekao account can use it at a number of European online casinos that accept it.

Tutorial on Gambling using PeoPay


If you already have or are planning to get a Bank Pekao account, you can use the PeoPay app to gamble. Here are the specifics you need to carry this off with ease.


Launch a PeoPay Wallet

Make sure you open a Bank Pekao account, either on their website or at a physical location near you.

You can get the PeoPay app from either the Google Play or Apple Store.

Put in place a password and other safeguards as needed before using the app.

If a bank transfer isn’t convenient for you, you can request a real payment card using the app.

Fund One’s Gambling Funds

Visit the site of your preferred gambling establishment and sign up for an account.

On the Cashier page, click the Bank Transfer button under Deposit Payment Methods.

Select Bank Pekao and enter the amount you wish to transfer.

To complete a transaction using the PeoPay app, enter the requested information and then confirm the transaction.

Withdrawal Procedures

To make a withdrawal, just go back to the casino’s cashier and click “Withdraw.”

Choose a bank transfer as your payment option once more.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and your bank account information if prompted to do so.

Verify that the payment is correct and then make it. The app is the proper medium for providing confirmation.

PeoPay’s advantages for online gambling are numerous.


There are a lot of excellent international online casinos that accept bank transfer deposits from Polish players. Check out the perks of using PeoPay for this procedure.



It is not necessary to physically visit a Bank Pekao location in order to make a bank transfer payment to a casino. The PeoPay mobile app can instead be used to handle similar transactions.


After entering your payment information into the casino’s cashier, you’ll only need to confirm the transaction within the PeoPay app. This signifies you are prepared to make a deposit at an online casino.



Adding to the safety of bank transactions is the requirement that a casino deposit be verified by the PeoPay app. That helps provide the highest level of safety at the most reputable online casinos catering to Polish players.


Your financial transactions will be sent and received in an encrypted way. This ensures that it is secure from any outside intrusions or hacks.


Instant Withdrawals

PeoPay gives you the option of rapidly funding your preferred online casino account. You can start playing the casino games as soon as you make an immediate deposit.


PeoPay’s short deposit requirements are a major selling point, as bank transfers aren’t typically recognized as the quickest payment methods for many choices. Unfortunately, this does not apply to PeoPay withdrawals, however this is true of many other withdrawal options as well.


The Possibility of Employing PeoPay Cards

You can get a bank account payment card by requesting one through the PeoPay app after installing it. This means that bank transfers aren’t strictly necessary for making deposits and withdrawals at your preferred online casino.


Make a credit card deposit into your online casino account instead. The cards can be used for both online and in-store purchases, making them extremely versatile.

To Play with PeoPay, Pick a Casino That Does


If you like what you see from the PeoPay user experience, you can start looking for a casino that accepts the payment method. There are a few factors to keep in mind when deciding on a PeoPay casino.


Learn More About the Withdrawal Speed

The PeoPay deposit method is instant, so that’s not a problem either. However, withdrawal processing times must be taken into account. Investigate the casino’s processing time for withdrawals, as this can considerably extend or reduce the entire payout procedure. There are casinos that are open for no more than 24 hours here, while others that stay open for up to three days.


Check Out Some Feedback

Customer reviews are always a safe bet if you’re on the fence about signing up for an online casino. Unlike the online casino evaluations we provide, these are written by genuine casino patrons.


You can count on these players to give you the straight scoop about any online casino they’ve used, good or bad. This allows you to see behind the surface of a website and into its inner workings.


Please review the Agreement.

Nobody like reading the fine print, and we realize that. However, it often contains the key to unlocking a greater understanding. That much is also true of virtual gambling establishments.


You may find information about withdrawal times, approved payment methods and their limits, promotion rules, and more in the terms and conditions. The more informed you are about the features and functionality of an online casino, the better off you will be.

PeoPay Specifics


Here you can discover additional information about this casino payment option.


Authorization to Use PeoPay

Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spóka Akcyjna is the owner of the PeoPay app under the Bank Pekao platform. Its registered office is in Warsaw, Poland, and it can be found in the District Court’s Register of Entrepreneurs. A bank is a type of financial institution that has been granted legal permission to conduct business.


Peer-to-Peer Payments Are Now Available

Download the PeoPay app and register for mobile banking with it if you live in Poland and have a Bank Pekao account.


Facilitate PeoPay

If you get stuck when using the PeoPay app, there are resources available right there to help you out. If you’d like, you can access PeoPay directly through Bank Pekao’s website. You may also fill out a contact form there if you need assistance from the service staff.


Send in a PeoPay Issue Report

If you have any more questions after submitting the aforementioned contact form, please feel free to contact the Bank Pekao support staff directly. This can be done at any of the many Polish bank locations, over the Internet, by phone, in writing, or in person.



You can use the PeoPay app on your mobile device to access and manage your Bank Pekao account. There, you’ll find everything you need to make advantage of a quick, secure, and hassle-free manner of depositing money into your online casino account.


It allows you to deposit to and withdraw from these sites, and it can be used at many different kinds of online casinos.



Find answers to frequently asked questions about the PeoPay banking option here.


Who may sign up for PeoPay?


PeoPay is a mobile payment system available to everyone in Poland with a Bank Pekao account.


To what methods may I convert my PeoPay balance into cash?


PeoPay is merely an app that links to your Bank Pekao account, so you may still use an ATM or visit a branch to get cash.


Where do I sign up for PeoPay?


No PeoPay account creation is required. It’s simple to open a Bank Pekao account and begin using PeoPay if you don’t already have one.

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