John Montagu: Proficient Nobleman and Punter

As the fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu accomplished many amazing accomplishments throughout his career. He negotiated treaties, commanded a regiment, and sponsored an expedition across the Pacific Ocean. Battles have been won, conflicts have been ended, and new countries have been discovered due to his efforts.

Montagu sought solace in wagering as a means of coping with the routine tension of being a nobleman. His passion for wagering caused him to spend countless hours at the card table, regularly winning and losing thousands of pounds. Continue reading to learn more about John Montagu and the influence gambling has had on his life. Early Years

John Montagu was born in Chiswick, England, on a sunny afternoon in November 1718. When Montagu was just 4 years old, his father passed away after suffering for many years from a cardiac condition. Soon after his father’s demise, his mother remarried, leaving him to be reared by his grandfather (the 3rd Earl of Sandwich). She would occasionally pay him a visit, but her involvement in his life was minimal.

10 years old at the time of his grandfather’s death in 1729, he officially became the fourth Earl of Sandwich. To effectively assume this new position, he needed a formal education. He had two distinct tutors who met with him six times per week. One tutor emphasized math, reading, and writing, whereas the other tutor emphasized history and science. Other educators would occasionally visit him to ensure he was exposed to a variety of art and music.

When he was an adolescent, he attended Eton College and Cambridge University for several years. Although he did not obtain a degree from either institution, he learned a great deal from the numerous classes he took there. After completing his studies, he spent some time traveling, visiting Egypt, Greece, and Turkey before returning home.

Governmental Contributions

In 1739, he was finally prepared to assume his seat in the House of Lords, marking the true beginning of his political career. At the time, the Duke of Bedford was an incredibly affluent and influential politician.
During his first six years in office, Montagu was assigned only straightforward duties.

Then, in 1745, the Duke of Bedford recognized his development and began to allocate him more complex tasks. Montagu was sent to Holland as the commander of the Duke of Bedford’s regiment of foot, and was soon promoted to the rank of 2nd Colonel of the Duke of Montagu’s regiment due to his ability to perform well under duress. While serving as their commander, he lead his regiment to multiple victories.

In 1746, he was given one of his most demanding assignments: traveling to Breda to confer with their legislators. Several other noblemen approached the leaders of Breda, but were unable to convince them to sign a peace treaty. Montagu, known for his persuasiveness, was able to negotiate the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, which contributed to the conclusion of the War of the Australian Succession.

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